Frozen Assets Slots

So… will you give this Real Time Gaming (RTG) slot a chilly reception, or will it warm your heart? Will you freeze those reels in the right place to deliver a big win, or will it be a slot game you will shiver at the sight of in the future?

That's it with the chilly jokes here, but with a title like Frozen Assets, you can see why we went along those lines! This is a fun little slot from RTG, and that provides a clue to what you can expect from this one.

Format for reels and win lines

If the word 'little' made you think about a slot game with one payline spread over three reels, you made the right call.

Coin values in use

The smallest coin to use here is five cents, so while it isn't a penny slot, it is still very affordable even on the smallest budget. You can up that as far as five dollars a coin, and there is a chance to go up to three coins on the line as well.

Are there special icons to look for in the Frozen Assets slot?

Yes, and the penguin face is the wild for all other symbols apart from the sun. The top hat - worn by the penguin, of course - can trigger a prize whenever three appear on the line. The hat appears with differently-colored bands on it.

Does this game have a bonus round?

Not as such, but there is an additional feature to look for. On the left of the reels, you will see a snowman and a counter. Whenever you see snowflakes on the reels, they will be collected in the counter. You must get 200 of these to secure the Snowman Bonus.

However, if you get suns on the reels, they take away snowflakes, making your goal further away. With that said, they also boost the Snowman Bonus, so this is an intriguing feature to be aware of.

Download and play the Frozen Assets slot game today

This slot is a cool addition to the world of three-reel slots. The Snowman Bonus takes it to another level, and we like the idea of the sun melting the snowflakes too. Will you eventually trigger the bonus to come your way, or will that sun get in the way? Only time will tell.