The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist Slots

The big heist… it sounds as though there is some crime afoot. A quick glance at the symbols shown in the paytable for this slot game would seem to back up that theory. There are pistols here, and prizes granted for getting one, two, or three of those on the reels.

But is that the best you can hope for? Or is there more to come from this Real Time Gaming slot machine?

Format for reels and win lines

Things are kept nice and simple here, with three reels providing ample room to focus on just one win line.

Coin values in use

It isn't a penny slot, but with a five-cent coin at the lower end of the scale, it is still very affordable to play given it only has one line. You can also choose to bet more, going up as high as five dollars per coin. You also have up to three coins per spin to play.

Are there special icons to look for in the Big Heist slot?

We have mentioned the pistol already, and this is the lowest icon you can get. you might also spot shades, coffee cups, donuts, or the golden police badge. There is no wild, and no scatter here either.

Does this game have a bonus round?

Not as such, but it does include a bonus of sorts. What do we mean by this? Well, whenever a police badge appears on the reels, the Safe Dial Counter clicks up a notch. You must find 50 of them to unlock the feature. When this happens, the safe will open to award you a prize.

The other way to get access to the safe is to line up three of the safe dials on the payline. If you manage to do this, you can get into the safe to get a prize too - and potentially quite a big one.

Download and play the Big Heist slot game today

The Big Heist lives up to its name, and hopefully it will manage to secure a prize for you as well, courtesy of that safe. It is great to look at, and offers more than the average three-reel game, thanks to that bonus element. Are you ready to try and crack the safe to see how much is inside? We sure hope so, because it could be a great surprise.