Santastic Slots

When it comes to the Santastic Slots, everyone is welcome to come inside and meet with Santa. They can be sure that they are able to grab a few presents along the way. Themed after the holiday that so many people love and want to be a part of, you can easily find the right symbols that line up and pay out. This 5 payline slot machine has only 3 reels, which is what you would find with any classic slot machine out there. They provide the user with the hope of a progressive jackpot that you have the ability of winning. If this sounds like something you are into and want to see for yourself what all it is able to offer, then take the time and pull the lever to enjoy the Santastic Slots.

Graphics and Software Offered Through RTG

The software is through Real Time Gaming, so you know that there is going to be little to no lag and you can enjoy all that comes from playing a slot machine through the online casino of your choice. Once you do this, you will notice that the graphics of this game are colorful and clear. RTG is great at making the right look and feel of a game that a lot of the other software companies are unable to do. The software is definitely one that is a must for anyone that wants to spin and have a good time with a slot that was quality made.

Those Symbols Tell All at the Pole

When the time comes to cash out on the symbols that are lined up on the screen, make sure to know which are going to pay you the best amount. Santa is there to collect on the toys that the elves are making, but if you're unsure of which need to be lined up, then take some time to learn what all they come with. The pay table is at the top of the slot machine, so you can see for yourself which symbols are the right ones for the reel. Bright and colorful, you can expect to find Rudolph, Santa, the North Pole, Elves, Snow Man and so many others.

But which are the symbols you really need to pay attention too while you are playing? Rudolph and Santa are going to pay out the most, so the more you land on these, the bigger your pay account is going to get. The lower end symbols are the candy canes and teddies, but they still pay out something. You can also enjoy lining up the extras together and seeing if they can give you a winning combo that pays out a bit more.

How Many Extras Come with the Game?

Playing with extras is something that you would not normally have to worry about or think about doing, but when playing with the slots out there, this is something worth thinking about. Many of the slot games offer a side game to win extra cash with or even a free spins option where you can keep the fun and games going when the time comes. Everyone is happier with the ability to keep playing and win some cash. Santastic Slots offers the Festive Feast Feature.

To make use of this feature, you have to land on any 3 of a kind symbol on the board and you are opening up a whole new world of fun. You are then able to play the game. Just make sure to check the sides of the reels because this is also where there is a bonus meter. Fill this up and you can win 2500 points that are added right to your account as an extra, added on bonus for those players that enjoy this game and stick with it.

If you are ready to play, remember, the higher bet is what can give you the ability to win the progressive jackpot that comes around and is triggered at random. Everyone has a chance at winning this. The higher bet is only $1, which is an amount that you can safely keep playing all of the lines on. Max bet it and have a great time or play at the lower end with .01 of cash in your pocket and see where it is able to take you. If you are ready for the slots, then we are ready to have you come out and try your luck in these slots.