Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots

Several decades ago, the gifted rocker Ritchie Valens boarded a plane along with the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and young prodigy JP Richardson. The plane ride was to be fateful, and would change the course of rock n roll history - and leave an indelible mark on all those who were fans of the trio's incredible works. The plane took off; but never landed in one piece, as all four harbingers of the new classic rock style perished in a catastrophic crash.

Real Time Gaming has crept into the hearts of music fans with their wonderful renditions of video slots that honor the fallen. In fact, there's already a Big Bopper video slot that captures the life and talents of JP Richardson, and Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots is intended to repeat the huge success of the former. To keep it as honorable as possible, there are no poker card suits on it; everything is related to the music - the focus is on Ritchie Valenzuela.

One unique feature of this game is that it is an All Ways Pay venture. This doubles the number of possible combinations, since symbols can pay by appearing in the left to right direction, as well as the right to left direction. There's also a handy vase to be filled to the right; the official name is the Multiplier Meter and when it hits the top, you may receive multipliers galore to enhance your winnings.

There's a free spins round in Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots, too; there are four scatter symbols required to activate this in any direction. Once the free spins round begins, is possible to win 3X multipliers for every single free spin within the batch of 20 that you receive. If you chance upon five or six scatter symbols, then you can win even more free spins. The highest payouts for any combination of the aforementioned is 6000 X - with X being the amount of money you placed at the beginning of the game.

The symbols In Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots are the musical legend's green and egg white-colored guitar, Ritchie's Gold record plaque, and autograph book, a record player, his stage shoes, tickets to the show and several more. The wild symbol is Ritchie himself, and he doubles any payout in which it plays a crucial factor. The wild Ritchie appears on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels and regular games and is capable of replacing any other symbol - including the scatter symbol - to help you complete a winning pay line. The scatter symbol is the La Bamba record; for six of them you activate the feature game; the same goes if you get five scatter symbols or four scatter symbols simultaneously on the reels. Any scatter wins are multiplied by a factor that's equal to the total amount of money you bet at the start of the game.

The top paying symbol is the Ritchie Valens gold record; for six gold records on the reels you get 1000 coins - this amount is doubled to 2000 coins if Richie's face (the substitute symbol) appears on one of the pay lines along with these. If you get five gold records on the reels you win 200 coins, if you can get four gold record icons you win 100 coins and if you get three gold record symbols you win 50 coins. Next we have Richie's green and egg-white colored guitar symbol; for six of a kind on the reels you win 500 coins, for five of a kind you win 100 coins, for four guitar symbols you win 50 coins, and for three guitar symbols you get 10 coins.

The following symbols tend to be regarded as low paying; six old-fashioned television set get you 250 coins, five old-fashioned television set symbols get you 75 coins, four TV sets get you 30 coins, and three TV set symbols get you a coins. The following to symbols are worth the same; they are the record player in the pair of dancing shoes. For six of a kind the reward is 200 coins, for five of a kind you get 60 coins, for four of a kind you get 20 coins, and for three of a kind you get a coins. Next up we have the autograph book and the signed poster symbols: for six of a kind of either you get 150 coins, for five of a kind on the reels you get 50 coins, for four of a kind you get 15 coins and for three of a kind you get five coins - remember, the substitute symbol can double all of these values.

The final two symbols are the tickets to the Ritchie Valens La Bamba show in the old wooden speaker; six of a kind get you 120 coins, five of a kind get you 30 coins, four of a kind get you 10 coins, and three of a kind get you three coins. Get into this classic Time Machine slot and revisit and era when truly talented music prodigies reigned; download Real Time Gaming's Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots tonight.