Secret Jungle Slots

From the digital visage that Secret Jungle Slots presents, it might be tempting to automatically associate with Amazon warriors; however, it goes back quite a bit further than - think, instead, the Maya, Inca and the Aztecs. Basically, the precursors to the First Nation people, in their original land before they moved northward to the Americas. Real Time Gaming ahs built a beauty with this one, and it serves as a reminder that as great as Western Civilization is, there were societal stalwarts that existed beforehand. Secret Jungle Slots is specifically of the Aztec persuasion, and has 5 reels and 50 jaw-dropping paylines - making it a sizable slot (there are almost none bigger) with many chances at the ingame cash and prizes.

Although the paylines are variable (that just means they aren't fixed, and you can play any number of them between 1 and 50), it's a good idea to treat it as though it were fixed and play them all - after all, you can vary the coin expenditure as you see fit and so control the money regardless of the number of paylines. By playing all 50, you give yourself a larger playground of possibilities. What are the coin sizes, then? You can a minimum of $0.01 or a maximum of $5; of course, there are values in between these and they lie on a spectrum. The smallest amount for which you can play all the paylines is $0.50, and the maximum amount for the same is $250 per spins - this is clearly, then, a slot that can appeal to high rollers insofar as the amount of betting cash is concerned.

Let's tackle the most exciting aspects of the gameplay; the Substitute symbols and the potentially gargantuan payouts with a total round bet as high as $250. The Sub symbol is denoted by a golden idol statue; it can displace any other symbol except for the scatter to complete a winning payline. You will definitely want to land as many Gold Idol Wild symbols as you can on the paylines, because five of a kind unleashes a torrent of dollars your way - to the tune of 8,888x, with x being the coin amount you put down at the start of the current game. In Secret Jungle Slots, the drop-off isn't even that much - four Golden Idol symbols still gets you an impressive 5,000x! It is very rare for the same symbols to remain within the same order of magnitude when they diminish by even just a single number. For three Golden Idols, you still activate a 500x coin reward, and for two such symbols, a 50x coin payout.

When coupled with other symbols, the Wild (this is another name for the Substitute symbol) can deliver multipliers of an impressive quantity. The Scatter symbol is the Aztec Pyramid - what, did you think that only the ancient Egyptians knew how to build these fantastic odes to elite architecture? The Scattered Pyramid doesn't pay nearly as much as a Wild just for showing up, but it does a handsome amount if just a single one graces the reels - a full payout, in fact. In order to activate the free spins, you must get several Scatter symbols to pop up. The number of free spins you can get depends on the quantity of Scatter symbols that appear - there's 8, 18 or even 88 free spins possible to be unlocked.

The highest value symbol in the game, other than the Wild, is the Aztec Maiden. For five of a kind, she's worth 1000 coins; if she appears along with a single Golden Idol Wild symbol, this tally is tripled to 3000 coins - and so on with any symbol quantity that pays out. For four Aztec Maidens, you get 500 coins, for three Aztec Maiden symbols you get 50 coins, and for two you get 3 coins. The Aztec Fighter symbol, for five of a kind, is worth 1000 coins (tripled if the Golden Idol Wild replaces one); for four of a kind, he's worth 250 coins, for three of a kind he's worth 25 coins, and for two of a kind you get 3 coins for him on the board. The tiger is regarded as a high paying symbol, and for five of him the award is 500 coins, for four tigers you get 150 coins, for three tigers you get 15 coins, and for two tigers you get 2 coins. Next in the lineup of symbol values is the stack of minted gold coins; for five coin stacks, you receive 300 coins, for four coin stacks you get 50 coins, and for two coin stacks you get 10 coins. The Aztec, motif-embroidered water jug is the last of the high paying symbols with 5 of them giving you a 300 coin payout, 4 of them getting you 50 coins, and 4 of them on the reels getting you 10 coins.

The low paying symbols on the reels are the poker values; the Ace, King and Queen are all identical in value. For five of a kind, you get 200 coins (which is still tripled in value if the Wild Golden Idol appears to replace any of them), for four of a kind, you get 20 coins, and for three of a kind, you get 5 coins. The 10 and 9 do not appear to pay out at all - but that could be an issue with the source material for this article, because it is odd for them not to pay anything at all. Regardless, be sure to check out the in-game pay table for all the up to date information on Secret Jungle Slots. Perhaps you can be the poor man's historian that finally unlocks the secrets of the Aztec. Download today!