Tian Di Yuan Su Slots (Gods of Nature)

A very strange slot, indeed, is Tian Di Yuan Su Slots Slots from the wizards at Real Time Gaming. Take note that "strange" in this context does not refer to an undesirable quality; if anything, it's what you should be searching for in the slots world. Tian Di Yuan Su Slots Slots five reels and 30 paylines, and presents a mesmerizing performance because of all the colors and well-drawn symbols on the reels. It is a Far East theme, albeit spiced up with and old-style visual impression that elicits feelings of nostalgia to anyone familiar with Chinese gods and goddesses.

If the name Tian Di Yuan Su Slots Slots is a bit unwieldy for you to remember, then perhaps it is better to call it by the alternate name that is more obviously descriptive of the characters and themes: Gods of Nature slots. At 30 paylines, the sheer size of the slot is competitive with any of the really large ones that makes it worthwhile to play for actual cash. Keep in mind, however, that you never have to shell out any coins to truly enjoy the shenanigans of the Gods of Nature; this is only an option if you are a competitive gambler and want a chance at a little recompense for your time and effort.

If that is indeed the case - that you rather like playing for the possibility of winning cash and prizes - then feel free to put some money on the paylines. Unlike most other 5 reel video slots, Tian Di Yuan Su Slots Slots is fixed insofar as the number of paylines that can be played are concerned, so you will need to activate all 30 paylines. The saving grace of this unvarying feature is that you get to choose the coin amount for each line; bet as little as a penny, or as much as a quarter for each of the 30 lines - with whatever number in between these two extremes that you feel comfortable with. As a result, you can bet any actual value you choose - despite the fixed paylines. Even better, doing so doesn't actually reduce your options in the way that lowering the number of active paylines would.

The most lucrative symbol values are as follows in Tian Di Yuan Su Slots Slots; they are none other than the Gods of Nature, themselves. The Fiery God takes the mantle; for five of a kind, you win 750 coins, for four of a kind, you get 125 coins, for three of a kind you luck into 25 coins and for two Fiery God symbols the reward amount is two coins. The next most valuable symbols is the Bright God; this one, when five of him dominates the reels, delivers a win of 1500 coins, when four of a kind shows up the reward is 250 coins, for three you get 50 coins, and for two Bright Gods you get four coins. The Goddess of the Hearth is also worth a lot; for five of her you get 750 coins, for four of her you receive 125 coins, for three of her you get 25 coins and for just two Goddess of the Hearth icons you can win 2 coins.

The Wild symbol is definitely not playing around in Tian Di Yuan Su Slots Slots; it's worth literally a King's ransom. For five of a kind, you are eligible to receive a whopping 10,000 gold coins! The number doesn't drop off appreciably when you only line up four Wild symbols on the reels; the reward is still 2500 coins. For three Wild symbols on the reels, you get 250 coins, and for just two godlike Wild symbols you get 10 coins. The Wild symbol is definitely overpowered in the Gods of Nature (Tian Di Yuan Su Slots) Slots; it can also complete any winning paylines via substitution - unless a Scatter symbol is the one that needs to be substituted; it cannot replace that one. For reference, the Scatter symbol is the Icy Blue Goddess symbol and the Wild is the Fiery God. The Icy Blue Goddess multiplies your total betting amount if she features in any win.

Well - that's pretty much it for Tian Di Yuan Su Slots Slots; it is certainly a brilliant enough video slot to try just for fun in the Instant Play mode. To access this Flash version of the game, just fire up your mobile device and navigate to the website of this online casino. Once there, an "Instant Play" option will be prominently displayed on the landing page - perhaps next to the Welcome Bonus banner or something. To switch things up a bit and play for real money, just find the Download Now button and install the safe casino software to create an account. You should then receive a welcome offer once you make the required minimum deposit (email Support if your money doesn't come through), you will be able to enjoy the Gods of Nature Slots - as well as many others - beyond the casino lobby.