San Guo Zheng Ba (Three Kingdom Wars) Slots

Do not be alarmed at yet another Oriental slot theme; it is as glorious as you have come to expect - especially from the games makers at Real Time Gaming. San Guo Zheng Ba Slots - also known as the Three Kingdom Wars - is a bonafide success in terms of graphics and gameplay, and does not leave much to be desired at all once you download now and play for real money. The first thing that you will notice, as should be the case for nearly any 5 reel video slot, is how amazing the graphics are in this one. The second thing that you will find jaw-dropping is the 50,000x payline jackpot result that's an indelible feature of the real money game - just imagine the possibilities if you luck into this huge pot of cash!

The substitute symbol in San Guo Zheng Ba Slots is the Gold Dragon; as the Wild, it will replace any other symbol to help complete a winning payline. There is, actually, one symbol for which the Dragon must retreat from the reels: the Scatter - which is represented by Chinese Emperor, himself. This is fitting, since in Oriental lore, he is the representation of God on Earth, and should never be subject to yielding before an abomination - no matter if breathes fire or rains meteors down on the earthbound. Should the Gold Dragon appear on the 3rd reel, it will expand and bump any preexisting symbols off there.

If the Han Dynasty Scattered Emperor shows up on the reels, then the free spins round will be activated and many potential gifts unleashed. Among these is the possibility of winning 5 free spins with which to push your enviable luck. The Gold Dragon can also show up on the third, fourth and fifth reels during these rounds, and the appearance of any Scatters guarantees a prize. The Super Spins Round is another potential boon. There's an Empress symbol that's also a big deal; the pay table of San Guo Zheng Ba Slots will apprise you of all the values as you play.

The primary symbols of note on the game board/reels are the yellow woman archer (which, of course, never existed in reality in those days, given the great strength it takes to draw back a bow from the rafters and strike an onrushing enemy), a purple warrior, an emerald crest, a golden mace, a red warrior, and Empress and a bronze breastplate. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, this offers enough symbols and line bet possibilities to provide numerous opportunities to win.

If the Gold Dragon wild lands on the third reel during a normal game, then it replaces any non-Scatter symbol; furthermore, it will cover all of the available positions to enhance the paid out award. When five Scattered Han Emperors appear on the lines in any order, you get 50 free games or spins - however you wish to look at them. When four Scattered Emperor symbols appear, you get e free games, which is of course a huge drop-off - but the games ARE free, after all, and it is statistically "difficult" to get 5 of the same symbols at a time. If 3 Scattered Emperors show up, you get 2 free games, and your total bet is multiplied by an amount according to the tabulated values on the pay table.

As for the higher paying symbols, consider their values: the red warrior takes the top cake in this regard. If you get five red warriors on the reels, the reward is 800 coins, four of a kind of this symbol gets you 250 coins, three red warriors gets you 50 coins and two red warrior icons gets you 5 coins. Next up we have the high-paying green warrior symbol; for five of these you win 300 coins, for four of these you get 80 coins, and for three of them you win 8 coins. Next we've got the Empress symbol; for five of a kind, you can expect an 888 coin result, for four of a kind, you get 250 coins, for three of a kind you receive 80 coins and for two of a kind you get 8 coins. The unrealistic yellow archer woman symbol gets you 800 coins for five of a kind on the reels, which qualifies her as a high paying symbol. The last of the high paying icons is represented by the purple warrior - don't let the girly color fool you; this guy means business for he fights for the Emperor. For five of a kind, he's worth 300 coins, for four of a kind, he's worth 80 coins, and for three of a kind, he delivers 8 coins.

To round up this review, we check out the low paying symbols for San Guo Zheng Ba Three Kingdom Wars slot. The Bronze Breastplate starts us off with five of a kind being good for 80 coins, four of a kind triggering a 20 coin win, and three of a kind getting 5 coins. The emerald shield symbol, for five, is worth just as much as the Bronze breastplate; so are the final two symbols - the gold mace and violet helmet with a red tassle. As can be observed, there are many paying combinations in San Guo Zheng Ba Slots; to find out more, download and play this top-notch Real Time Gaming creation.