Shelltastic Wins Slots

Shelltastic Wins sure is an unforgettable title for a slot game! We immediately guessed that it might involve shells, and it's not a surprise to find we were correct with that aspect. However, is this going to be a slot game you'll want to check out further? You'll know the answer once you've read our slot review and taken in all the details here.

Who came up with Shelltastic Wins?

This slot comes from the collection that's available from Realtime Gaming.

They're offering a practice version to try first

You can launch straight into the paid game if you like, but it's better to try it first, don't you think?

Does the theme involve shells?

You bet it does, and there are lots of other details that point to a theme set at sea. We hope you've got your sea legs for this one…

Expect a colorful and entertaining design in Shelltastic Wins

It really is shelltastic! There are plenty of shells in many colors, along with puffer fish and pearls in clam shells, so you can expect lots of colorful elements to appear along the way.

Are you ready to try Shelltastic Wins slots?

This game offers six reels and has five symbols on each of those too. RTG hasn't added the chance for you to score any progressive prizes.

There is no wild in this game, but the puffer fish we mentioned just now is used as the scatter. That clam shell might turn up too, but only if you manage to reach the free game feature.

Paylines don't feature in this game

Shelltastic Wins offers 'pays any' instead. What does this mean? It simply means that you need the required number of matching icons to appear anywhere to count for a prize. This is different from cluster pays, where they all need to land in a cluster.

Sort through the available bets before you get underway

One bet per spin is the idea here, and RTG gives you several values to choose from. We think most people should find something they can use.

Make sure you check out the Shelltastic Wins paytable too

This explains what's happening inside the game, with a chance to find out how much each combination of symbols would be worth if you managed to find them.

Does Shelltastic Wins offer any bonus features?

You might be able to find some Cascading Wins in action on the reels. If you find a winning combination, the winning symbols are removed, and the ones above drop into those positions. New symbols appear and you can see whether this will result in another prize. You can carry on watching these cascades until no prizes are found.

Free spins are the highlight in Shelltastic Wins

Find four puffer fish and you'll receive 10 spins. Watch for the clam shells in this round, because if they appear, they will display a multiplier value. The smallest of these is 2x - still nice to see - and the largest is huge at 100x. If you get the Cascading Wins feature going, you'll receive your total prize take from that feature multiplied by the total clam shell values shown. We managed to access this round and it is impressive and carries a lot of potential.

RTP details do not appear with this slot game

And you might have expected this, given that it's an RTG game and this does usually happen with their slots.

Our rating after playing the Shelltastic Wins slot game

We think we'd give it eight points out of 10, as the real action gets going inside those free spins. The 'pays any' format is better than cluster pays in our opinion, so it's awesome to see that in action as well.

What does RTG say about the potential prize values here?

We discovered that you could get up to 50,000x your bet from this game, applied to the value of your wager. We suspect this would only occur if you managed some huge multipliers inside a free spin.

Shelltastic Wins demo play is ideal

If you're unsure about playing the game, the demo version is the perfect introduction to its features.

What about playing Shelltastic Wins for real?

Check your wagers, look for a casino that offers the game, and see what you make of it. You might even be able to collect a bonus on your next deposit to use while playing the slot.

Play on mobile devices too

It's fine to use on iOS devices or those that run on Android software, so you need not sit at your computer when you play.