Santa's Reel Wheel Slots

Santa's Reel Wheel Slots

If you're already scanning the skies in search of Santa and his sleigh, pulled by all those reindeer, you're as keen on the festive season as we are! And we have yet another Christmassy slot review for you here, covering everything we learned when we played Santa's Reel Wheel. Could this be the best Christmas slot game this year? It's time to unwrap our review to get some answers.

Who created this festive delight?

This is another Christmas slot hailing from the team of elves at Spin Logic Gaming.

They've packed in a practice version too

Those elves know you want to try this one before spending any money on it, so they've provided you with a demo version of Santa's Reel Wheel to see what you make of it.

We're sure you can work out the theme for this game…

Yes, it mentions Santa in the title, so we do indeed have another Christmas-themed slot to check out.

Everything you could want wrapped up in a festive design

The design doesn't let down the theme, that's for sure. There are candy cane elements brightening things up, along with many Christmassy symbols on the reels. Although the reels themselves don't work in quite the way you might be used to.

How to play Santa's Reel Wheel slots

We mentioned that the reels are different for this game. When you load it, you'll see three panels in front of you. You can only see icons appearing on the bottom panel, as that's where the game begins. There are two ways to reveal more panels. The first is to find the fireworks on the panel that's open. The second is to create a prize on the available panel. While there's no scatter to watch for, you can find a substitute in the form of a blue diamond.

Paylines don't feature in Santa's Reel Wheel

Instead, you have those three panels, beginning with the bottom one and hopefully progressing to one or both of the others as well.

Check the coin values before you begin

You can do this in the normal manner, and it's best to try it in the demo version for obvious reasons. Once you've played a few demo games, you'll get an idea of whether this will be an affordable festive game to play.

Paytable info for Santa's Reel Wheel

Access it before you start playing and you'll learn more about all the available features in the game. You can also see what all the icons look like.

What about bonus elements?

Fireworks are required to access the middle or top level of the game. If you get to the upper level, you'll earn a multiplier whenever a wild appears in a prize. One wild will grant double the usual prize value, and two will grant four times the usual prize value.

The best part comes if you reach the top panel and you either find one of those fireworks or create a prize combination. In either case, you'll reach Santa's Bonus Wheel. One spin reveals the outcome. This could mean you get a prize to walk away with. It might also mean you earn some free games to play. The final possibility is that you get access to Santa's Mega Bonus Wheel, which sounds even better!

This wheel might lead to one of two outcomes. You may end up with free games or a Fireworks Bonus. This bonus round includes respin opportunities, whereby you find fireworks symbols to try and fill all the available positions. You'll scoop a prize at the end based on your efforts. The best outcome is a huge 1,000x prize, based on the bet you unlocked the wheel with.

Free spins are better than base game spins

Why is that? Simply because each spin starts on level two rather than the lowest one. So, if you score a prize, you'll reach level three with all the potential that holds.

We do not have an RTP figure for Santa's Reel Wheel

This is common enough regarding this developer, so we were not surprised to find this was the case.

Did we love playing Santa's Reel Wheel?

We did, and it certainly makes a change to regular festive slot games. It joins many others in the collection from Spin Logic, so if you like this one, it's good to see there are others to play as well. This is a firm 8.5 out of 10 slot.

Look out for bigger prizes inside the Fireworks Bonus

It's quite the task to reach it, as we now know, but if you do get there, aim to fill all those positions if you can. Fireworks landing everywhere results in that excellent 1,000x your wager prize.

Demo action is the ideal introduction

Santa's Reel Wheel isn't going to be like anything you've seen before, so the practice game comes into its own here.

Check out the real thing if you like what you see

You may not see Santa himself in this one - we think he might be far too busy to appear - but this is surely an entertaining game. With various coins available to play with, it should suit many keen slot players.

Mobile availability is good too

As a recent release from Spin Logic, you can count on this one landing on mobile touchscreen devices too.