Regal Riches Slots

Regal Riches Slots

When any slot machine is welcomed into an online casino, you want to make sure that you check it out for yourself first. When the time comes to cash in on these riches, you are going to be the first one in line. Being able to find the perfect slot machine that takes what you like and makes it your own is something worth thinking about. These slot machines have the ability to keep the fun going, as long as you choose the ones that speak to you the most. When it comes to learning more about this slot machine, now is your time to shine. Make sure to look into the five reels, 25 payline slot machine that welcomes one and all inside. You can spin the reels and see where they bring you.

The Graphics are RTG Graphics

The graphics are what makes the game. You want to make sure that you are choosing the right graphics when it comes down to it. This game is powered by Real Time Gaming, so you know the graphics are going to be the best that they can be. RTG is a leader in the powerhouse of all slot machines and while searching for the one you're going to play, make sure RTG is the one that made the game. Their sounds line up with the graphics so while you play, it is not going to be put off. You can also ensure that you have little to no lag that you have to worry about.

There are So Many Symbols to Enjoy

When playing this game, you want to know all of the symbols, especially those that are going to pay you high. There are butterflies, castles, coat of arms, grapes, ornate coaches, trumpets that play beautiful music, Queen Elizabeth and so many others that can be lined up and cashed out if you line them up just right. Of course, there is a pay table that is provided to you right at the top of the slots, so you can keep an eye out on where the symbols are going to land when you're playing.

Queen Elizabeth is the wild in this game and you can ensure that she provides you with the fun and games you want, but also the large payout that you need while playing a game. She is also able to replace any of the other symbols that come around the board, except for the scatter. This is something to keep in mind, because you land on the lower paying trumpets, she can come around the board and turn them into Elizabeths, offering you more cash in your pocket.

Extra Games, Extra Fun

Every slot machine out there has something worth looking into. When it comes to the bonus rounds, the free games or any other extras you can get, you want to know about them. The Regal Riches Slots has a bit more to offer to the player than what you're used too, making it a great RTG game to choose to play. The fountain symbol, which is also the scatter, is what opens up the free spins bonus and the extra games feature. You just have to land on three or more of these symbols and you can open up the world of possibilities that await you. Land on these symbols and you can ensure that you get all that you need and more from the game.

Now is the time to see for yourself where those reels land and where they take you. With so much being offered, you can find that you have the right mix of things working towards the greater good. Spin away and know that if you want to bet down by .01, you can but if $5 is more your thing, then this is also something that can be done. Now is the time to put the cash down on the table and win as much as possible. You must bet the highest amount in order to try and win one of the two progressive jackpots, so you will want to try and do this while playing. Each one is triggered at random, so this is something to think about. The more you play, the better your chances of winning one of them.