Megasaur Slots

Megasaur sounds like a big slot to play – and it is. It’s not going to shock or surprise you to reveal that the creator based it around a fictional dinosaur, the Megasaur of the title. But what else could you learn about it or expect to see in the game?

Our full slot game review reveals all the answers here. So if you want to know more about the prizes, features, and bonuses within, stay put and read more.

Which team is behind this game?

Discovering the name of the creator can tell us plenty about any slot. This one comes from Realtime Gaming, so that should confirm it is worth looking at in detail.

Demo access

You can go through and play the demo first, which we would recommend if you haven’t tried Megasaur before.

A tooth-filled theme

Well, if we have a giant dinosaur to contend with, we are going to see some teeth, right? This game has been around for a while and it has the familiar and classic RTG format, but they’ve added plenty of teeth to the design!

A great 2D design

Those dinosaurs look fearsome enough, so we’re glad they don’t appear in 3D. There is enough detail to make things look impressive, and you’ll be watching for some prizes and features along the way as well. It may not have a modern look, but it does have plenty of action involved.

What should you expect from the Megasaur slot game?

This game comes with the traditional five-reel, three-row format, so there are no surprises there. You may be surprised to spot two wild symbols though. There is a green one that roars into life on the second reel, and a red one that can appear on the fourth reel.

They won’t substitute for each other, but of course, you can get one of each appearing in a winning line. You don’t receive a multiplier for the green dinosaur, but you do get a 2x one for the red dinosaur. Finally, there is a scatter to look for as well. This takes the shape of a volcano.

The only other thing we should highlight here is the presence of the Megasaur Jackpot prize. It’s progressive, as you might have guessed, and while you never know the value until you check it out at a casino, it can climb way beyond $1 million at times.

Paylines to bet on in Megasaur slots

The game has 25 lines, so that much is easy to understand.

Available betting options

You can decide to play five cents, 10 cents, or 20 cents per line, so this is a pricier game to play. Of course, the progressive jackpot wouldn’t reach such high levels if the bets weren’t that size. It means that you need to play $1.25 at least, with the top wager being $5 per spin.

Paytable details

All good slots have a paytable, and that proves true here as well. You can look for it under the reels and it will tell you all about the game before you even spin the reels.

Bonus elements

Even though there are some great features in this game, there is nothing that acts as a bonus feature.

Three volcanoes for some free spins

The scatter unlocks free games, but you must find three or more to get them. You then need to choose each one to see how many games it gives you. Each volcano will erupt with between two and 10 freebies. This means you could get 50 free spins if you found five scatters and had the maximum free spin count from each.

Some RTG slots include a Feature Guarantee. This means the free spin feature triggers by a certain point if you haven’t managed to get it by then. In this case, it would be on the 250th spin.

Regardless of how you reach the freebies, you’ll always get a Win-Win feature. You must get twice the amount of the wager that triggered the round. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll get a random prize from the game. This will be worth anywhere from 5x to 250x your wager.

RTP details for Megasaur

We cannot give you a firm rating here because RTG never reveals its return to player percentages for its games.

Our rating: Does this get top marks from us?

Not quite, but we can certainly rate this one at 8.5 points out of a total of 10. We liked having two wilds in action – one with a multiplier – and the different way of getting the free spins. Picking those volcanoes to reveal the answers is a neat move.

Every winner wants that jackpot

And since it can go high enough to make a real change to someone’s life, we can understand why!

Will you start with the demo?

We did and it gave us all the info we needed to know about the slot before committing to a few real spins.

Check you are happy with the minimum bet before you play

The real version requires a minimum of $1.25 per spin on those 25 lines, so you must make sure you are happy to go that high. You won’t get as many spins out of your budget and the chance of getting near that jackpot are very slim, of course.

Play on mobile devices too

You should be able to play this mighty Megasaur slot game on Android and iOS if you’re nowhere near a computer.