Fantasy Mission Force Slots

The first thing you ought to know about Fantasy Mission Course Slots is that it is modeled on an old action movie starring international superstar Jackie Chan. Set in the rough-and-tumble 1980s, this action slot has been reimagined as a Progressive, with a jackpot at the end that will leave one lucky player salivating at her good fortune. There's so much adventure and action just waiting for you in this slot that you might have to wear a jogging suit to catch all the sweat from the excitement of tackling villains like a young Jackie Chan used to with high-flying martial arts.

Fantasy Mission Slots has 5 reels and 20 paylines, which makes it a good-sized slot with enough ways to win to make it worth your time. This is especially true if you tend to play for real money; however, you can also simply play for fun without staking next month's rent. As with all slots and pokies, however, if you want to take advantage of the casino freebies, you've got to put up a bit of moolah. In this sense, the coin denominations that you can use are varied enough to allow people from all walks of life to play: spend $0.01 at the low end, or $1 at the high end of betting on the lines. The minimum bet, then, to play all the lines is just 20 cents, whereas the maximum amount is $20.

Now for the symbols with which you'll be playing; there's all sorts of stuff like what you might find on a movie set, or on a demolition derby. There's a stick of dynamite, nunchuck weapons, spiked mace, projectile weapons of several varieties, a Free Spins placard, Movie Ninja Stars and more. The very fun bonus feature is known affectionately as Kaboom! This bonus video slot is from none other than Real Time Gaming. Unless you've seen the actual movie, you might not recall the characters on the reels - they were co stars of Chan in the past.

Fantasy Mission Force Slots has it all; there are cut scenes that display the young Jackie Chan in various states of scene-stealing action. The valuable jet icons, bullets and even fighter jet craft have various listed worths in the paytable that can be found in the game, itself. For some reason, one of the symbols in the game is that of arguably the most famous entertainer of all time - Elvis Presley. We don't recall him in the early action movie - but that doesn't mean he wasn't there. Nonetheless, if five of a kind of the Elvis icon appears on the reels, you get a bevy of free spins. The Stick of Dynamite is the Scatter symbol, and it is immune to the Wild symbol's exchange powers; in which the latter converts all other symbols into wilds and completes a winning payline.

If you are still deciding on whether or not to give Fantasy Mission Force Slots a chance; the wait should be nearing a close - it's a rocking good slot for all preferences. It combines a sense of nostalgia, action and even a bit of comedy - some of the icons on the reels are out of place and zany - into one masterpiece of a slot. Download at your favorite online casino right here and make a deposit to play for a shot at real cash prizes. Or, play it for free in your Firefox or Chrome browser - the choice is yours.