Divas of Darkness Slots

Divas of Darkness sounds like a dark and foreboding game - or theme, at least - so does it fit with that idea? The backdrop adds some character to this slot game, and we decided it might be worth exploring it in more detail. We're glad we didn't do this for real though, as those divas could have some surprises to spring.

Do we know the identity of the developer?

We do - Divas of Darkness hail from the team working at Spin Logic Gaming.

This means you're assured of a demo as usual

This team never lets us down in this sense, so it's a good idea to try this version before you do anything else.

Have you worked out the theme yet?

We all know about divas, but the divas featuring in this slot game are of a completely different kind. The Divas of Darkness certainly enjoy being around at night, and that is a huge clue to the theme. We think those divas might be vampires, and since the game came out around Halloween, it looks like everything adds up to confirm this.

How does Divas of Darkness fare in the design department?

This doesn't look quite as obviously vampire themed as many other slots on this theme. However, the subtle nature of this supports that theme. The divas each offer a drink, and since they all have unusual colors and vapors coming off them, we wouldn't suggest you try any of them. The game looks like it is set in a nightclub too, which we guess makes sense as they're up and about during the night.

Let's check out the basics for Divas of Darkness

This slot game offers five reels. There are no progressive jackpots to chase down, so you've got the regular prizes to hunt for in this one.

The casket appears as a wild icon, and this can drop onto reels two, three, and four. It won't substitute for the scatter, which looks like a VIP invitation.

Paylines are replaced by way wins

And since there are three symbols per reel, the math tells us there are 243 ways available in this slot game.

Bet with a multiplier of 25x per spin

You always get a multiplier for your coin value in a way wins slot. Here, we have a 25x multiplier, so the cheapest coin (one cent) gives a 25-cent bet. You can go higher than that, reaching a maximum of $25 on each spin.

Paytable info is as clear as ever

We love the paytables created by Spin Logic, as they always provide clarity and plenty of details about the game before you begin playing. You can see how much each winning combination will pay out as well.

Look out for this excellent bonus feature

Aside from wilds landing as part of the usual game, Divas of Darkness can also bring you some Wild Reels. This randomly sees up to four of the game reels going completely wild, so you might see way more than just the usual three reels landing wilds in this one. We're guessing you won't see it too often though.

Look for some VIP invitations to trigger the free spins

Three tickets bring eight free spins, but you can get 12 or 16 games if you find four or five invitations instead. Wilds can arrive on any of the five reels during the free spin round. If they land on the usual middle three reels, you'll also receive a multiplier that is the same as the numbered reel they land on. If you get two or more in a winning line, you'll see those wilds multiply together, giving an even bigger prize. Watch for more VIP scatters too, as there is a chance of unlocking more free spins.

RTP values for this slot game

As with all other Spin Logic slots, this can vary depending on where you play the game, so check for some details at the casino you're visiting.

What did we think of the Divas of Darkness?

We wouldn't want to meet them for real, that's for sure, but this game does pan out well. It's way more subtle than your average vampire slot, so if you like the sound of that, and you love multiple features, you can play this 8/10 game.

A chance to get up to 50,000x your bet per line

Yes, per line… and we can only guess that might happen if you spin some Wild Reels into play - maybe four of them. If that happens, you're assured of multiple prizes no matter where those reels land.

Play for practice to meet the ladies

This is a cool game, and it offers many features we think you'll appreciate. We certainly had a wild time playing it, and an introduction to the game via the demo is the perfect way to begin.

25 cents per play is the starting point for real spins

Assess your budget and work out how many spins you'd receive for that minimum wager on this slot game.

Mobile play is also available with Divas of Darkness slots

You can still have a great time playing on a smartphone, and with touchscreen controls available, the tablet version looks cool as well.