Banana Jones Slots

If you want to do slot machines a bit differently, then this is the slot machine game that is for you. You want to keep the fun and games going and Banana Jones makes sure that you are heard in the end. You can be sure that you're the one that is taking the bananas from the top shelves and making a name for yourself as you fill up your player's account and get everything that you need from them and more. Never have to worry about not being able to take the next step and actually win some cash. They have the cash in hand, you just have to be able to make it to the end of the snakes and ladder type of board that is set up for this new age slot machine that offers more than just chance and luck.

Since this is not like the others, it does play a bit differently. You don't have paylines and reels and slots that you need to fill up. It looks like snakes and ladders and you have to try to get Banana Jones to the end of the puzzle with just 5 spins. You can earn more to help him get there, or less. You can lose just as easily as you win. You have to really think through those moves so that you make the right one for you and all that you want from the game in the end. Everyone is happier with Banana Jones and the fun he brings.

Those Graphics, Those Sounds

The sounds and graphics that are out there are some of the best. Not only can you make use of the extras that come into play, but you can also make sure that you get the best feeling when you go to play. Since it is not an older slot machine, you can be sure that the graphics are the highest quality and the sounds that follow are just as nice. You can also ensure that while you're playing the game, you are also getting that monkey business out of the way. Everyone is happier with that in their heads. Just make sure to turn your sound up, because you don't actually want to miss out on any moves.

The Symbols of the Bananas and the Friends

Banana Jones is dressed up as a monkey and he is trying to make his way through the slippery slopes, the tricks and turns and every little area that is welcoming him to them. Not only that, but with all that is happening, you can expect that he runs into a couple of problems every so often as he goes along. This being said, there are some symbols that come up from time to time and those symbols are what makes the game happen. They are going to keep you going or slow you down. Hopefully they keep you going, because you don't want to lose out on your chance to actually win some real cash while playing the slots that are new but still just as fun as the others you'd play.

There are Banana Jones symbols that come around the board. You have to be able to collect them and hold onto them, because they can help you as you progress in the game. Sneaky snakes, vines and other obstacle symbols are also present, so you have to try to ignore them as you move your way through the game and get all that you want from it. Gems are handed out as you continue to play and they are counted on the top corner of the screen, so you will always know what to expect when you end up at the end of the game and want to know how many gems you have acquired. Never land on the snake's head! He will end the entire game and you will win nothing in the end!

Banana Jones is Great with Bonuses

Those bonuses that are out there cannot be found just anywhere. You have to make sure that you go to the right places to get them. This means being able to play the game, win some cash and even walk away with a little more fun. You need to destroy the snakes along the way and if you can do this, then the more you're going to earn so now is the time to put on your big boy pants and get the job done as Banana Jones. If you land on the Treasure Wheel then you can grab some extra gems, coins and even free spins that will make your turn last a bit longer for free. You can also unlock the Crystal Banana Quest that brings chests with fruit inside with it, which translates to some serious cash when you grab and dash. The payouts are done at the end of the game when you find out how many fruit symbols and gems you have collected. Once you have done this, they will then credit your player's account accordingly.

There is a lot happening on the Banana Jones slots, and you can be sure that you are a part of it when you put it all together. Play on the PC, play on your mobile device, play whenever and wherever you want. This is one of the most fun games out there and it is somewhat new, which means that it brings new challenges with it, which is something that so many love to see when it comes to those slot machines out there. A little luck, a little chance and a lot of fun. Check out Banana Jones for yourself and see if he has what you need when it comes to a slot that is worth it.