Dragon Orb Slots

You would expect to see dragon orbs in a slot with this name, although we are not yet certain what one of those looks like. We think we are about to find out though, thanks to Real Time Gaming's introduction to this title. This is a dramatic game, certainly, but is it dramatic enough?

Format for reels and win lines

This game provides you with five reels to spin, but the lines are limited to just 10.

Coin values in use

It's possible to bet the smallest possible coin here, worth one cent each. The game also provides some bigger coins to use if you want to.

Are there special icons to look for in the Dragon Orb slot?

It won't surprise you to realize the game has a dragon orb to spot, and you will see it used as a wild. It can substitute for everything in the game as well, particularly since there isn't a scatter to find here. The wild can appear on each of the middle three reels out of the five.

We should also reveal the wild is an expanding wild. That means it always expands and takes over its whole reel when it appears. Of course, you could get one on each of those middle reels if you are lucky, and that would be a great thing to find.

Does this game have a bonus round?

You do get one, and it occurs whenever you get a wild on the reels. It will expand first, as mentioned above, but then it holds where it is before the other reels spin through again. This is a free re-spin, and you get the chance to see another re-spin too if you are lucky enough to trigger another wild to appear. Your target is three wild reels and three re-spins - can you manage to achieve that?

Download and play the Dragon Orb slot game today

Dragon Orb is a pleasing game, and the addition of the re-spins mean it won't matter too much not to find any free spins here. After all, you do get lots of re-spins if you play your cards right. The wilds aren't exactly hard to find either, as you will see. So, give the game a try now and you never know, those wilds could prove very lucky for you indeed.