Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

If you are going to walk into a forest, you'd better make it a lucky one! Paddy is waiting to welcome you to his forest, and it turns out there is a lot to dig up in there.

We guess you have figured out the theme already, but we will come to that in our full slot game review shortly. We've covered all the questions, queries, and elements we know you want to find out more about. So, are you ready to walk into this forest with us today?

Who is behind Paddy's Lucky Forest slot?

We can say a hearty thank you to the team at RTG for this game. Their full name is Realtime Gaming and they're superbly good at what they do.

Can we try the game without risk first?

Yes, it is often wise to try a game demo before dipping into any available budget we might have. We simply need to select the demo rather than the real version and we can see the game as if it was the real thing.

Have you worked out the theme?

Paddy and lucky… does that point to an Irish theme based around good fortune? Yes, but it is a little more targeted than that. We also get the chance to play the game with a St Patrick's Day theme in action. We guess that refers to Paddy, the star of the show.

Design features to watch out for

The game is set in a forest, so of course we can look out for all the relevant features of that setting. Paddy is there too, and lots of symbols related to luck appear over the reels.

The basics for Paddy's Lucky Forest slots

The whole thing looks a bit like a triangle, with 3-4-5-4-3 symbols appearing across the five reels. The base is at the same level for each reels, hence the triangular appearance.

The game comes with three jackpots, but these aren't progressive ones. They're still neat to go for though and we would not feel disappointed if we received one.

There are some symbols with special importance here. When you see the four-leaf clover, you have spotted the wild symbol. There is also a scatter in action, which is shown as a pot of gold.

How many lines are there in Paddy's Lucky Forest?

The game doesn't use paylines, going instead for ways to win. The unusual triangular format might make it tricky to calculate the way wins, but luckily, we don't need to. The game confirms there are 720 potential winning combos.

Place one wager per spin

Since you are covering all 720 ways with each spin of the reels, you only need to work out how much you'd like to play on each spin. RTG does its usual helpful act of giving us several betting amounts to look through.

Check the paytable first

This game looks cool, so we understand you'll want to play once it has loaded. However, stop off at the paytable first, as this will give you the chance to explore the symbols, their values, and everything else you should know about the game.

Paddy's Lucky Forest bonus features

We do love a random bonus, and that's what could turn up here. If you find a wild on one of the middle three reels, it can change into a Slippery Wild. This means that it slips to the next position down that reel on subsequent spins. It also means it might hang around for a few spins before disappearing, depending on where it first appears.

And even better, if you get more than one wild showing up, they all change into Slippery Wilds. This means there is greater potential for a few wins you would otherwise have missed out on.

Free spins in Paddy's Lucky Forest

Three scattered pots of gold will bring up another screen with Paddy the leprechaun waiting to greet you. You must select one of the pots of gold he places in front of you. There might be some coins inside it for an instant prize, but you might also receive another pick. Thirdly, there could be some free spins available.

If you reach the free spins, you may find three more scatters dropping onto the middle three reels during one of those. If so, the picking bonus is played once more, so there could be another prize in it for you.

No RTP here

We cannot bring you one anyway, because the creator never reveals this detail when releasing any of their games.

Our rating for Paddy's Lucky Forest

This is one forest we could learn to love! In fact, it doesn't take much to begin enjoying it, with lots of familiar features and a couple that don't quite take the path you might think they will. Watch for those Slippery Wilds… but we're not slippery with our rating here, offering 8.5 out of 10 for this game.

Fixed jackpots on offer in each spin

No one knows what the triggers are for those jackpots, but they're there to be won and we will let you know if news drops of someone managing to do just that. Even though they're not progressive, they're still attractive.

Play for some entertaining times

This is a slot you could easily play just to find out what it is like. We had an extended stint trying it out and enjoyed it greatly.

Play the real version at an approved casino today

There are lots of online casinos based on RTG software. Find a reliable one, sign up, grab a welcome offer, and off you go.

Paddy's Lucky Forest available on mobile now

RTG has released the game for play on Android and iOS as well.