Fruit Frenzy Slots

The title of this slot does give you a rough idea of what you might be faced with when you see it for real. Of course, it is packed with fruit, but this isn't a standard cherries slot that you might ordinarily see. Instead, it has cartoon fruit appearing on the reels - and some are holding popcorn and wearing glasses!

This is a real frenzy, as you can see, so let's find out what else it has in store.

Let's get the lowdown on the reels and paylines

You will see the paylines numbered at the sides of the reels, and the highest number is 25, revealing how many are in play. You also have five reels to contend with.

What can you bet on Fruit Frenzy?

As always with Real Time Gaming slots, you do have a variety of coin options to choose from. Starting at one cent, you can increase the betting amounts to five dollars - and that's per line.

Can you expect to see any special symbols?

Yes, the words FRUIT and FRENZY are spelled out on the reels as scatter symbols - one for each word. FRUIT pays out more than FRENZY, but they both offer prizes for two or more in each case.

The pineapple is acting as a substitute here, and it will deliver the biggest prize of all - 10,000 coins - if you can line up five pineapples on a paid line. It won't stand in for the scatters though.

Does this slot game have a bonus round?

Yes, and it is the Daredevil feature. However, it isn't triggered by the wild or the scatters. Instead, you need only get a five-on-a-line combination to get the feature to start. If you are lucky enough to get two of these combinations in a single spin, you will get two shots at the round.

You get three chances to shoot a strawberry - the daredevil - through a rockmelon. These attempts will get a number of free spins for you. In these spins, prizes are doubled. If you get a scatter win, this will be tripled in value.

Download and play a game of Fruit Frenzy slots today!

This game really does pack an exciting frenzy onto the reels as you play. It does have some new twists to it which make it worth looking at. Check it out now to see whether you have a chance to win!