Food Fight Slots

Of course, we wouldn't recommend you get involved in one in real life. But… there is a chance to try this for size if you give the Real Time Gaming slot of the same name a go.

It looks good, and it does have a different appearance from many of their other games. This helps it avoid the cookie-cutter curse some online slots suffer from. Let's see what is on offer here.

Let's get the lowdown on the reels and paylines

You will spot the five reels pretty quickly, we're sure, but you may not be aware there are only nine paylines. It takes a moment to count them and be sure there aren't more.

What can you bet on Food Fight?

You can go from one to one here - from one cent to one dollar. This is per coin, and you can choose between one and five coins per line, since there are only nine lines in play.

Can you expect to see any special symbols?

Firstly, we should say there doesn't appear to be a wild. However, you can find a scatter symbol, and this is represented by various parts of an ice cream. The idea is to collect the cone, the ice cream and the topping (complete with cherry) as you find them on the reels. Once you do this, the ice cream will be formed and you will win a scatter bonus prize. The prize is relative to the bet you placed when you got the ice cream.

Does this slot game have a bonus round?

It does, and it is very similar to how the scatter prize works. To gain access to the round, you have to assemble a pie. The three pieces will appear on various parts of the reels. There is a pie dish, a pie, and a cherry that goes on top.

When you successfully complete the pie, you get to choose who you will aim it at. You then click on your pie and hope for a direct hit! You get to keep going until you miss your shot, at which point the bonus round ends. You're awarded up to 3960 credits depending on your bet.

Download and play a game of Food Fight slots today!

We loved this game. It's a lot of fun and is sufficiently different to retain your interest for a while. And you might just be a good pie thrower too!